a vtuber draws near or: would a PS5 have enough slowdown to make me feel nostalgic?

not sure if this deserves it’s own topic already or should just be merged into legendary namesake thread but there is news

The Hololive VTubers will appear as promotional decoys intended to recruit new soldiers into the eponymous squad in the *Earth Defense Force* universe. The large chibi characters can dance and change facial expressions while standing on a pedestal shaped after Hololive’s logo. People who purchase early copies of the game will obtain a DLC pack containing all three decoys.

also: make dioramas by downloading pdf files

i dunno what any of this means but if it helps make more of my favorite video game series then yes sure

i sold my ps4 after finishing Like a Dragon and softmodding it to play P.T. and now i’ll need to buy another end of August at the latest or get a PS5???

anyway… EDF!!!


I do love a good papercraft

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edf 5 still never goes below full price on psn and there’s already another? :crying_cat_face:

this has been pushed back for so long that i’m really glad it finally got a release date but to be fair i never played the second World Brothers DLC so there’s also some catching up for me to do still

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I haven’t even touched World Brothers, but yes, more EDF is never bad.

This better has proper slowdowns like any EDF must have!

And, yeah, finally a reason for craving a PS5