a switch is a tablet

if you remove those things on the sides

so i played some Arkanoid vs Space Invaders which was included on the physical release of Space Invaders Forever and it plays like a port of a free to play mobile game where they removed the micro transactions. and i like it. i can just play a level and it takes a minute and i even played it on the toilet and i never play games on the toilet because i don’t spend that much time there like even when i poop i spend most of my time wiping not playing but with this i can always fit in a level or two

and i figured out that i really enjoy using my switch as tablet

so what is this thread about? pls selectbutts turn my switch into tablet and tell me if there is more games that work without controllers touch only and if they are any good


I’m accustomed to tapping a button 3 times to unlock my Switch what do you do when you have no controllers attached?

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you tap the screen instead


if you have a moddable switch, you can use it as a really old android tablet


Lots of switch rhythm games that basically work this way, I like Lanota because it’s got a fun visual gimmick @ it’s not too expensive. People seem to really like Deemo but it’s style kind of puts me off, but it’s got a lot of content & a demo (like arkanoid, it’s a mobile game with all the iap content included, which in this case adds up to a lot). If you look into I’m sure u can find more (or just look thru publishers).

Lyrica 1/2 seem interesting and are on a large sale rn, seems like a vaguely Osu/Ouendan type game but with a focus on the words being classical Chinese/other poetry.

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I’ve been playing it with controllers, but occasionally use the touch screen for a minute while playing Dicey Dungeons, feel like the whole game would work well that way

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