30-Day (in 1-Day) VGM Challenge

this thing’s been floatin’ around a lot

I decided to do my own answers to this, thought it’d be fun to compare and talk about our choices

(here’s a youtube playlist with all my choices in order)

I think some of these categories are weird and weak, “console-exclusive series” (what even is that nowadays?), “underrated”, no category for fighting games, but like, whatever, the exercise is still fun.

thought about doing it without repeating franchises/series but thought that’d be one restriction too many

might reply to this thread later to talk about some of my choices but anyway what are YOURS


Are you supposed to just come up with an answer each day?

I don’t really get where the “30 day” and “challenge” parts come in, because it wouldn’t be difficult to answer them all in a single day if it’s just to pick entries

oh yeah technically you would have but honestly me and everyone else I’ve seen just answer them all at once. doing them day-by-day is a hassle and nobody can keep an attention span for that long. edited the title of the thread to reflect this

How is “Cover of music by a different artist” meant to be interpreted?

Classic Track by Composer A covered in a sequel scored by Composer B? Famous Tune from Film covered in Film: The Game? Youtube guys doing game covers?

Do official Arranged Album covers count?

I was almost gonna go with Takenobu Mitsuyoshi’s version of the Ridge Racer theme that he composed for the Vita Ridge Racer game on that category but I decided to do youtube people instead, because that re-arranged medley of Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire single-handedly made me go from “I dislike this soundtrack” to “Oh, the soundtrack is amazing! The problem is the Game Boy Advance!”

Like I said, I didn’t create this list, so go loose with it and interpret it how you want! I very clearly cheated on Game Over, and I decided to interpet “shooter” as encompassing not just the Call of Duties but also the Contras and the Battle Gareggas, and even the Twinkle Star Sprites. Someone else might think of only FPSes for that category!

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Can I still do one a day?


“Music you never get tired of“


I think the gba audio’s compressed hiss gives it character but I have an obsession with that handheld that blinds me to seeing anything negative about it

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“Cover by a different artist” does sampling count?

Open to interpretation, so yes!