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I can't believe today was a good play (Games you played today)

Old thread maxed out. I’m still playing Hollow Knight but took a bit of a break.

22 July 17, 2019
bulletin witch

I guess this can be the news thread. Mods can re-title this to whatever, I don’t care what the news thread is called!

1582 July 16, 2019
Quick Questions XIII: Answers Return

Has this board been christened with a QQ thread yet? Guess I'm starting one. Anybody in the know for video capture hardware? Looking at an Elgato HD for the option to breakout some of my older consoles like PS2 and be…

4068 July 15, 2019
Steam, PSN, XBox, NN, etc. ids and egos.

This post is a wiki post, you can edit it to include your own details. Thread for collecting together our user profiles/IDs on various platforms. To keep it neat and useful instead of making a new post with your detail…

21 June 13, 2019
The News Grandmaster 4000

So the other news thread got killed and I really, really needed to post this: who is going to play this with me???

4998 April 4, 2019
Games You Played Today Oratorio Tangram

The last thread hit its limit, so this is the new Games You Played Today! I played through the lucasarts fps Outlaws recently. It was much shorter than expected, even accounting for my tendency to wander around aimless…

4992 September 29, 2018
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